Retreat in Daily Life: Prayer 3

God Remains Always With Us

1. Relax in prayer. Remember, God will speak to you in His own way.
2. Immediately after the formal prayer, spend a few minutes in reviewing what has happened within yourself and set them down in writing.
3. God is always with us. In our hearts, He resides. All around us, He is there. Ask from the heart the grace to be sensitive to this presence.

Notes about Prayer:
1. We LISTEN IN PRAYER. We do this with Scripture this way: We choose a passage, take it and read it. When something strikes us, we pause. This is God speaking to us in the words of Scripture. We do not hurry to move on. We let them, one by one, stay in our mind, musing over each in turn, always ready to speak to God and to hear Him speak to us. We wait until we are no longer moved by the experience. This fosters a listening attitude.
2. The REVIEW OF PRAYER is an instrument to help us reflect upon the experience of the prayer period. It helps us notice our interior experiences. We let happen what is happening during the prayer time; we don’t have to monitor ourselves during the prayer period because we can do that afterwards to see what the Lord is saying in all this.
3. In the review of prayer, we may get the sense of being invited to go back to a point where we were moved. Returning to these points in prayer is what we call REPETITION. St. Ignatius says, “one should remain quietly meditating upon a point until one has been satisfied i.e., until the movement has been completed (the insight completed; the struggle resolved, the consolation ended, the meaningfulness finished for now).

Ref.: Orientations, Volumes 1 and 2; Choosing Christ in the World

Theme: God Remains Always With Us

Grace: A deep-felt appreciation of how the Lord has been present in my life and in the world.

Scripture Passages:
1. Psalm 138 – The Lord is with me to the end. His love endures forever.
2. Isaiah 40:21-31 – The Lord is the eternal God. He does not faint nor grow weary.
3. Wisdom 7:15-8:1 – The Spirit keeps acting in might “from one end of the earth to the other, ordering all things for good.”
4. John 3:1-21 – God so loved the world that he sent the Son.
5. John 14:15-21 – I will never leave you orphans; I will come to you.
6. Mt. 28:20 – Christ will be always with us to the end of time.
7. Repetition – of any of the above passages that you have found comforting or disconcerting.

Points to Ponder:
1. “Rhythms of Life.” Get hold of the various rhythms of your life:
– the cycle of success and failure
– periods of being alone and period of being with others
– periods of fogginess and periods of seeing clearly
– periods of fatigue and periods of energy
– cycles of work and cycles of leisure
2. Does the Lord seem to be dealing with me according to some pattern that is recognizable from my past? When does the Lord seem to be most present to me? Is there a kind of repetition in these experiences?

Colloquy: From time to time throughout the experience, express your feelings and thoughts to the Father, Son and Spirit asking them for a deep felt appreciation of how they are present in your life.


The practice of the Jesus Prayer has sometimes led people into giving to the name of Jesus a value that is almost superstitious, leading even to adoration of the Name. The name Jesus is no more than a means for leading us to Jesus himself and the loving recitation of his name, if it does not bring us into his presence, is worthless.

After quieting yourself pronounce the name of Jesus slowly.
Imagine you
feel the presence of Jesus grow on you…
In what form do you experience his presence?
As light…? As devotion and unction…?
As darkness and dryness…?

When the presence becomes vivid, rest in it…
When the Presence tends to dim, take up the recitation
of his name again… Jesus.

– Anthony de Mello


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