An Overview

CMMAI used to have a Blogger blog called “Faith of a Centurion” ( ) which I migrated to this site. That blog contained all my written homilies, and won the 2010 Catholic Mass Media Awards for Best Website. The objective of that blog was to make the Scriptures accessible to people, using language and analogies that were easily understood. I learned that many people in the Middle East used it when they could not find a mass. It was also used by people who yearned to understand the readings of the day but unfortunately did not find the priest’s homily sufficient. For those who followed that blog: Thank you very much.

But, no worries. The contents of that blog are now here. And we can resume our conversations in this site, with your comments and contributions.

In addition, I presently do formation work (of course, in collaboration with other people). I would like to blog about what I do in working out a formation program that is age-appropriate, developmental and wholistic in the midst of the K-12 changes. I am sure many schools are in the same boat as we are in the Ateneo de Davao Senior High School.

Here is my understanding of “wholistic formation” — it is three-pronged: it caters to Human Development (Wellness and Testing Center, Learners Activities and the Prefect of Discipline), Spiritual Development (Campus Ministry and Theology) and Community Education (Leadership Development Program). They are distinct but one.

I believe in working from a baseline, using Assessment Tools and Developmental Theories (Erickson, Havirghurst, Fowler) to understand better the people we serve. Thus, our programs approximately cater to the students’ real needs and eventually help them complete the developmental tasks needed to bring them to the next level of growth. The Assessment Tools are our Formation Quality Assurance. We have to measure formation outcomes to check whether we are forming our students the way we want them to be. It will also tell us how we are going to serve them better.

At present, I am now assigned as the Asst. Director for Formation in Ateneo de Davao Senior High School. I have been here on the 1st day of September 2016, marked by the Davao bomb. Since the Senior HS is new, I am tasked to design the school’s formation program that is aligned and ladderized with the formation program of the Grade School, Junior High School, and the college. The program is developmental and age-appropriate, working its way towards the development of “ADDU sui generis leaders” as coined by Fr. Joel Tabora SJ, the President of Ateneo de Davao.

I hope that whatever I write about is useful and informative; dynamic but not necessarily normative for everyone.

There is a Jesuit principle taken from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola: Tantum Quantum. It is a norm in making choices: use if it helps you towards the Greater Glory of God (AMDG).

So, if these posts lead you to the ad majorem Dei gloriam, by all means, use them.

If not, throw.

But thanks for taking your time.

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