The MAG+S Circle


The MAG+S Circle

A MAGIS Circle is usually composed of 6-7 people. It is a sharing group that meets regularly after a MAG+S experience. A MAG+S Circle session usually will have an appointed leader who facilitates the sharing and therefore, must see to it that the sharing goes on smoothly and is not dominated by someone in the group. He must allow everyone to speak and share his or her thoughts, prayers and desires according to the point provided for reflection.

Below is the process.

We start and finish the MAGIS Circle with any known, short prayer. A prayer guide is given to everyone in the group.



The Five Elements of the MAG+S Circle:

The MAGIS CIRCLE consists of five elements:

Moment of silence

This is a conscious reflection; in which we try to notice the most important moments of the past day. We recall all special moments of happiness, sadness, toil, and surprise. This brief reflection is like sifting nuggets of gold from grains of sand.

Round 1. Me & Myself

We start by sharing simple thoughts and impressions: How was my day? What was the most interesting aspect of it? We also speak of what moved us most during this day (in a positive and negative way). We try to evaluate our engagement in the experiment. The participants are to speak one at a time, while the others listen carefully.

Round 2. Me & Work of God

In this round we answer the question about the key word and focus from morning prayer; how it was present and how it worked in us and in our ability to relate to others over the course of the day. In this way, a dialogue between the Word of God and the reality of our life takes place. We share our insights as well as the obstacles to discovering God’s presence within ourselves, in our activities, and in our relationships. As in the first round, the participants answer individually in the order of their choosing, and the rest of the group listen carefully.

Round 3. Me & Others

Now we have the opportunity (but not the obligation) to disclose what moved us the most about what other people shared. We can also add something to what we had said earlier. In this way we can discover very specifically the impact we have on one another. In this round, differences of opinion and experiences may emerge. If this happens, we are to restrict ourselves to expressing this difference without initiating a debate. Trying to persuade one another would spoil the atmosphere of trust during the next meetings.

Round 4. Conclusion

We may share one word or one sentence with which we try to express our feelings. In this way we bring our special time of sharing to a close and we return the experiment.